A somewhat ramshackle, slightly dilapidated two-story house with a dullish-red roof and white siding.

The Many Benefits of an “As Is” Home Sale

The Many Benefits of an "As Is" Home Sale

More and more people are choosing to sell their homes in as-is condition these days. The primary reason why is because an “as is” home sale is the most convenient, streamlined way to sell a house.


Selling a home in Milwaukee or surrounding areas can be a time-consuming and discouraging process. However, at Fair Deal Home Buyers, we help make the process easy and hassle-free without worrying about making any repairs. We buy houses in Wisconsin in "as-is" condition and pay all cash - no hidden fees or strings attached.

Learn how you can sell your Milwaukee house fast to us exactly as it is, in as little as 7 days.

What Does "As Is" Home Sale Mean?

When a buyer offers to purchase your home “as is” it means they are willing to buy it in its current condition without any warranties or guarantees on its shape. The result is a more transparent and efficient sales process.

Easy and Convenient

Again, the primary reason so many homeowners are selling “as is” is because of the convenience it offers. Sellers don’t need to invest in costly and time-consuming renovations and/or repairs prior to selling. There is no need to schedule contractors, oversee renovations, and deal with the inconvenience of living in a home that is under repair. For people in a hurry to sell fast—whether due to financial constraints, a relocation, or inherited property—the speedy nature of an “as is” home sale is incredibly appealing.

Transparent Pricing

In an “as is” transaction, sellers are upfront about the state of the house and buyers are fully aware of the property’s strengths and areas where it needs repairs or updates. This makes the process of pricing a house easier and more transparent. It also reduces the chances of renegotiations due to unanticipated repairs costs after the initial offer.

Speedier Closing Process

Because buyers are aware of the property’s condition when buying “as is,” there are fewer chances of last-minute surprises that can delay closing. This is particularly attractive to sellers who need to sell quickly or sell by or on a specific date.

Attracting Investors

In general, real estate investors are open to buying properties in “as is” condition. In fact, many of them specialize in buying “as is.” They are experienced and adept at assessing a property’s potential and running the numbers to bring it up to market standards. For sellers, this can mean a quicker sale to a motivated buyer who knows how to navigate the home-selling process. Professional investors have access to funds, which means sellers can rest assured knowing that the transaction won’t fall through.

A Win-Win Situation

As you can see, “as is” home-selling transactions offer a range of benefits for both sellers and buyers. It’s simply a faster, more convenient way to sell an unwanted property.

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